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COVID "Stay Home, Stay Safe and Carve" - Stylized WoodCarving Patterns

Who could have guessed last March when we had to cancel our first Monthly CarveIn due to COVID that as we start the 2021 New Year we would still be under its impact. As we begin 2021 we will not be able to meet monthly again until probably May when we can again meet outdoors. For the Winter months, we will be beginning "Stay Safe, Stay Home CarveIns". We encourage members to continue to set aside the 2nd Saturday morning to carve. Send in photos of your work, and we'll share via the newsletter and monthly email updates.
With Bob Brightbill's generous donation of walnut we are trying to focus on "Stylized Carving" with our carving patterns this winter. In addition to the newsletter patterns, here are several you might want to carve this winter. If you have additional patterns you would like to share, let us know and we'll add them to the site.

Stylized WoodCarving Patterns

GMWC Lending Library

Over the years, many of our members and their families have chosen to donate their collection of carving books to the Club, to share with other members. With these generous donations, the GMWC has created a Lending Library of WoodCarving books which makes available for members to borrow. A large number of books, many now out of print however can be available for you to preview and borrow. The collection is primarily housed at The Birds of Vermont Museum in Huntington, VT. Members should call ahead to arrange a time to look through the collection and may sign out books, or have copies made.

GMWC Lending Library Collection

Wildfowl Carving Resources - "Looking for Aspiring Carvers"

In the past year, several members and other carvers have donated a number of Wildfowl carving resources to the Club. The family of Richard Martindale from Connecticut has donated a large number of tupelo blanks, Bob Gage study casts, and wildfowl carving supplies. Richard Cassavoy's family recently donated a large number of his wildfowl carving books. They all asked that we use the resources to help aspiring wildfowl carvers get started. We have cataloged the resources which are linked below, as well as the books which are included in our GMWC Lending Library link. If you or someone you know are interested in learning wildfowl carving let us know so we can help get you started.

GMWC WildFowl Resources List


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