GMWC Members Showcase

The Green Mountain Woodcarvers have members from not only from Vermont, but also many States in New England, and some call Florida home in the Winter months.

Here is a quick introduction to some of our more active members you will meet at our monthly CarveIns. One advantage of GMWC membership is all the experience, help,

advice and ideas our members share with each other at our monthly meetings.

 Matthew H. Strong

GMWC President Matthew H. Strong specializes in Architectural detail carvings. Works by commission doing custom carvings for homes, churches and businesses. You can learn more about Matthew at his facebook page.



Larry Bertrand

 Dave Tuttle



Bill Rice

 Dale Ferland - aka "The Carvin' Barber"



 Tom Jagel

Richard "Wood" Taylor 

 Bob Lindemann

Oliver Peck


Erin Talmage